A Few of My Favorite Things (Baby Edition)

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A lot of my friends are pregnant right now.  Some of them are going to be first-time mommy’s (Yay!) and some of them are on their 2nd or 3rd (or more!)  So on Fridays I want to share a few of my favorite things (this week is dedicated to baby stuff)… here’s the list! 5. Ergo Baby Carrier.  I didn’t actually find this until after Asa was one, but it is GREAT.  It can hold babies up to 40 pounds or something crazy like that.  I needed to have Asa on my person when we were taking a trip to […]

Asa is 21 1/2 Months Old!

Aaahhhh!!!  Almost everyday I think about how my little baby is becoming a sweet little boy.  I can’t believe in less then three months he will be two years old.  Where does the time go? I’ve been thinking about potty training lately.  I don’t know if it is too early or what, but I’m getting seriously tired of diapers.  I’m tired of changing them and tired of spending money on them.  Any tips and/or suggestions? I’ve also started planning Asa’s 2nd birthday party and I am SO excited.  I’ve been scouring the net trying to find ideas and have found […]

A Problem and a Secret

I have a problem.  A big problem.  I have a little bit of an obsession.  Brace yourselves. I am in love with my Google reader.  Why in the world did it take me so stinking long to set it up?  Why did I wait so long to dive into the online community of bloggers who are oh-SO-talented?!  I feel inspired.  I feel humbled.  I feel…well…that I shouldn’t waste time on the computer and should be crafting, building, baking, decoupaging, decorating, planning- you name it- I am inspired to do it.  There are a few problems with this though. Money. Time. The fact […]

So you want to throw a party… – Tips for planning any party.

I love throwing parties.  Big, little, in between.  They are a lot of fun.  I love getting to serve my family and friends and I love getting to try new ideas.  But to throw a party, you have to have a reason.  Birthdays and holidays are the usual suspects, but you can also just want to hang out with friends and have an impromptu backyard BBQ. Whatever the case, you should always have a reason. For instance, last year, my husband and I hosted or helped with parties of all different sizes.  One night in the middle of the summer we […]

2010- A New Year, A New Commitment


Wow.  2009 was amazing.  It was crazy but beautiful.  Asa celebrated his first birthday, Greg and I celebrated our 5 year anniversary, and we enjoyed every trial and joy along the way.  We bought our first house in December of ’08 (missing the tax credit by 20 days! Uggg!), renovated it throughout 2009, and opened it up to host community group, parties, and a roommate.  We saw some family highs and some family lows.  Overall, 2009 was a good year.  Thank you Jesus for letting us experience it, safe, happy and healthy. I realize I have not been faithful to […]