*Whew* and We’re Back!


Hey guys! Sorry I have been MIA for the last month.  It has been crazy!  I have wanted to blog so badly but I haven’t had the time.  Last month we decided to put our house one the market.  An awesome plan, except we had SO much work to do on the house before we could list it.  It has felt like every spare moment has been spent scouring Craigslist, making Home Depot and Lowes runs, and doing work on the house.  We have been eating simple meals, staying up too late and physically draining ourselves to get the house […]

Emma’s Elegant Affair Bridal Shower


Back in December my friend Stephanie and I hosted a shower for our friend Emma (and some other awesome ladies helped by bringing food and drinks).  It was one of the craziest weekends E-V-E-R. I did an insane thing.  I committed to 2 showers (yes, back to back on the same weekend!) and decorating for advent at our church. Not to mention it was two weeks after my surgery.  IN-SANE. Insane in the brain…insane in the membrane! It would not have happened if not for Stephanie.  She was a true rock star! After the first shower was over we cleaned […]

Not sure about it…

I don’t know what to write about today.  Things look like they are about to get busy at the Qualls’ house.  Greg and I both have grandfathers turning 90 in the next two months (whoo hoo grandpa’s!), we have 3-4 weddings to attend, parties/showers to attend, and the MHLP.  It’s just crazy, but God is good.  We are thankful for the different seasons of life. We are expecting another boy on or around June 2, 2011.  We are pretty excited (and maybe a little nervous) about a new addition to the house. I hope you guys have a great day!  Hopefully […]