My Cochlear Story: Part 2

Dr. Wayne Grudem

(…yup!  He’s wearing my microphone!) Back in April I had the privilege of hearing Dr. Wayne Grudem speak on the Gifts of the Spirit.  While he was speaking, I was struck by a comment he made.  He said, “Many people will seek medical healing, but they won’t seek spiritual.”  As my husband and I were driving home, I realized that I had been doing the opposite.  The Spirit revealed to me that I had completely written off medical healing because of the two previous attempts. The next day, my husband was giving Dr. Grudem my FM System (an assistive listening […]



Greg stole my blog idea for Murphy and God fighting, so I decided to write it anyway but in a different way. Last month we had over $1900 dollars of expected/unexpected expenses come up. We thought that we could budget some of it in (and did) but some of it was just unforeseen expenses. Yes, we do Dave Ramsey so we have our minor emergency fund in place, however, we hate digging into that money. It leaves you feeling vulnerable for those few weeks that you are trying to build that money back up again. In addition, the expenses were […]