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Dual Birthday Party: Surf Shack and Underwater Adventure

Coral Reef Table

A coral reef underwater adventure and surf shack birthday party for your viewing pleasure today. I am so excited to share this party with you! It was definitely an act of love since it was about 4 weeks after having my third baby. We did a lot of the work beforehand, but we were also working up to the last minute! My two oldest boys birthdays are two days apart. This year we decided to do a joint birthday party because I was having our youngest son a month before. I wanted to have two distinct parties in one, so […]

Asa’s Safari Adventure: Favors and Crafts


The kids all received a swag bag with their names printed on it, binoculars that they were able to decorate, a box of animal crackers, a safari hat, and a canteen (not pictured because I forgot to add it!)  Also, at the middle of the party, we went on a “Safari hunt” at the park across the street from our house where the dads had hidden about 200 Safari (Easter) eggs.  The kids hunted for them and collected them in their bags. Tweet