My Cochlear Story Part 3

Karate Kid Shannon

On November 16, 2011, I went in for surgery.  It was really nerve racking.  We had prayed for and had been anticipating this day for some time. My surgery was scheduled for 1:00pm (at least the check in was) and I had been fasting since midnight.  We didn’t get sent down to the pre-op room until 2:30pm and by that time I was pretty grouchy (hey-I missed lunch!)  It was another 2 1/2 hours before I was sent in for the surgery.  Yup.  It was a long afternoon. Pre-op:  We hung out in our mini cubicle and played scrabble, took […]

Stupid Politics Part 1

Hillary and Obama

Regardless of political affiliation or agenda, one cannot deny that this political season has been one of intense scrutiny and has kept both republicans and democrats on the edges of their seats. If you’re a republican, you may have kept an eye on the democrat nominations to see who will be running against the republican nominee, John McCain. If you’re a democrat, you are probably glued to the edge of your seat watching every primary and caucus like it’s an inevitable train wreck in the making (especially in light of recent news). For those of you who have read my […]