A Vintage/Anthropologie Inspired Little Man Baby Shower

Fox Cake

I’m excited to share this vintage, Anthropologie, little man inspired baby shower with you all today! Back in April a sweet friend of mine was going to be having a baby boy. I wanted to help plan/style the party. Since Tish (my friend) is a lover of all things eclectic, and is a photographer, it made sense to combine the two loves and create this dessert table. We wanted to bring an indoor nursery outside and created a faux wall to help feature the desserts. We used family pictures, art, “G’ for baby Greyson, and a DIY deer head (my […]

Monogamy (Monopoly) Bridal Shower


This is perhaps one of the most unconventional bridal showers I have ever done. A darling friend of mine (Kristen) was getting married and I knew I wanted to throw her shower with another friend (hi Stephie!).  So we sat down and brainstormed a ton of ideas about what we wanted to do for her shower. Kristen loves books and reading.  In fact, she loves them so much, that her wedding centerpieces were books and seating cards were bookmarks (so cute!)  Our original plan for the shower was to do a total library theme with books and pages from books […]

24ish Books I Want to Read This Year


I love reading.  It is awesome.  The biggest problem I have though, is finding time to read. Really, I’m not a marathon reader.  I’m more of a sprint reader.  I like to sit down for six or seven hours (depending on the book length) and read it from start to finish.  Since having kids this has proved challenging (who would have thought?). I want to read 24 books this year (more is fine, but I want to set a goal that I can work toward).  That means I need to read 2 books a month.  One fiction, and one none […]


Recently I got an e-mail from a friend of mine that said, “I thought you might like this”.  Typically I don’t pay attention to these e-mails, but something made me go look.  What did I find?  Paradise. (Well, not really).  But what I found was really cool. is a web-site that allows members to post items they have (books, movies, Cd’s and video games) in their member profile.  Then they get to go through and pick items they want.  When there is a match, swaptree lets you know.  You can then initiate a trade with someone.  If you both […]