A little bit of news

QUALLS 2012-08-31

I wrote this back in August and it’s already October! I can’t believe it! I’ve decided to post it anyway because it will be good to catch you guys up. I realized earlier this morning I really miss blogging so I’m going to try and get back in the habit. ¬†Anyway, Hopefully I can catch up on the list of blog posts I have soon! I love fall and have a ton of great family pictures to share soon! Anyway, enjoy the post you were supposed to read in August! ūüôā PS In case you didn’t hear, we are expecting […]

It’s the little things…

It’s funny, ever since I’ve had a blog I have wanted to write more. ¬†The bad thing is that I never take the time to actually do it. ¬†Part of that is laziness and part is a lack of a sufficient means to do so (Greg has the nice laptop and I am stuck with either my prehistoric work laptop or the iMac which would be fine except then I can’t sit next to my honey and blog). ¬†Hence, I am left with waiting for him to finish his stuff, or not writing. Greg is gearing up to start The […]