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Invitations – Things to think about when doing invitations for a party.


So what kind of invites do you want to send out?  It really depends on the feel of the party.  I’m always a big fan of using e-vite (being green!), but I do have to say, there is something about receiving an invitation in person or in the mail that is always a joy. There is so much you can do with invites.  You can wrap them in boxes and deliver them, create them to resemble your theme, the possibilities are endless. The thing to remember is that your invitations are the way people will find out about the party, so […]

Purple Confetti

MMMM...Carrot cake....

photo by: MShades Sometimes I think our minds can be our worst enemies. For the last four years I have been telling Greg that I want a surprise party for my birthday. So far it hasn’t happened. Part of that is my fault seeing as I continually badger him for the month prior with leading questions like, “When is my surprise party? Who are you inviting? Where will it be?” For some reason he doesn’t like this and I think it deters him from having one simply because it’s not fun putting together a none surprise surprise party (if that […]