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The House: Front Room

Well, we had our first showing on Monday.  On one hand we were SUPER excited because we had been feeling down that there was nothing over the weekend. On the other hand, we were exhausted from trying to get some things done that needed to be done to make the house look more finished.

Do you know what’s so weird?  Not hearing any kind of feedback.  It is so strange running around your house getting it ready for someone to come see for 30 minutes and not know what they thought about it.  Fortunately our realtor called the other realtor and their buyer loved the house!  The only problem was that their buyer needed RV/boat access to the back and we don’t have that. Oh well.  Jesus knows who will buy our house.  We just have to be patient and wait.

In addition to our first viewing on Monday we have had 8 more (including the six groups from our open house) so that’s encouraging! I’m excited because we are getting some traction.

Anyway, I promised you pictures…so here are some…I sort of want to do this one room at a time so bear with me. I guess it’s fitting to start with the front and move to the back?

On the left is the house when we first came to see it before we made an offer 3 years ago.  The first picture is the entryway. The second is the front room and the third is a picture from the kitchen into the front room.

The pictures on the right are the house now.  (Pictures by the lovely Courtney Miller of Courtney Miller Photography). Over the last 3 years we have changed it a few times.  It was a living area for awhile and most recently an office/catch all room (not the most attractive arrangement for sure!), but for the home staging we converted it back to a living area.

Yeah, those unsightly red bars were some of the first things to go after we moved in.  We left the half walls to help define the space a little better, but can I just say, it is amazing how much taking out those retro bars opens the space up!

The house was crazy dirty when we moved in.  It was a foreclosure and I don’t think the previous owner cleaned much.  The red also had to go!

The door in the 3rd picture on the left is the coat closet.  Pictures of that and the office space to come.

Most of the furniture in this room was given to us.  The buffet was my grandmother’s (then my mother’s, who passed it on to me). The mirror was from my Aunt Victoria. The couch was my other grandmother’s (my grandfather gifted it to us after she passed), the chair we found on the side of the road by a friends house, the end table was my grandmother’s (I plan on painting it at some point) and the coffee table was a cheap Craigslist find. The shelf on the wall came from Goodwill (but if I remember right, it was West Elm and still in it’s packaging). The rug is old and came from Lowes.  I have hated it for the last 3 years but we haven’t needed to buy a new one till recently.  After we got a new one for the main living area, we moved it to the front to fill the space a little better. The paintings on the shelf are by my Aunt Deeana.  I will try and post a closer shot of those.  She is crazy talented and I begged her for some of her paintings.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed the before and after and hopefully tomorrow I will have more to post for you to see!

Credits: Courtney Miller Photography (the pretty ones…the other ones were me and the hubs…)


*Whew* and We’re Back!

Hey guys!

Sorry I have been MIA for the last month.  It has been crazy!  I have wanted to blog so badly but I haven’t had the time.  Last month we decided to put our house one the market.  An awesome plan, except we had SO much work to do on the house before we could list it.  It has felt like every spare moment has been spent scouring Craigslist, making Home Depot and Lowes runs, and doing work on the house.  We have been eating simple meals, staying up too late and physically draining ourselves to get the house ready.

I’m happy to say we are about 90% done!  We are listed now but we still have to paint the ceilings in our room and the living room, finish painting some trim, change out some hardware and empty the garage.

In addition to all of the house work, we celebrated my 30th (keeping it pretty low key), celebrated our 8th anniversary (which we are celebrating in April because we spent the entire day painting on our actual anniversary), I coordinated a wedding, and I helped host a shower for a friend this weekend.  It has been an insane, exhausting month for sure.

You guys, I have barely had time to check Facebook or Pinterest, let alone write blog posts! The only thing we have made time for is hanging with the kiddos (we took Asa to see the Lorax and it was so cute!) and we stop at 10pm every night and watch our new obsession, The Big Bang Theory.  I know it’s been around for awhile, but we just recently got hooked.

Anyway, things to look forward to in the next few weeks: I have some old and new parties to post.  Yay! So exciting.  I will be posting some smaller dinner parties and some showers I haven’t gotten around to.  I will be posting house pics.  Our friend and awesome photographer Courtney Miller got some awesome shots for us.  I’ll show you before and afters! I have a new food tutorial for a yummy chicken salad and there might be one or two surprises as well!  I’m so excited to share it all with you but please be patient with me as we are still getting things ready and done on the house.

Emma’s Elegant Affair Bridal Shower

Back in December my friend Stephanie and I hosted a shower for our friend Emma (and some other awesome ladies helped by bringing food and drinks).  It was one of the craziest weekends E-V-E-R. I did an insane thing.  I committed to 2 showers (yes, back to back on the same weekend!) and decorating for advent at our church. Not to mention it was two weeks after my surgery.  IN-SANE. Insane in the brain…insane in the membrane! It would not have happened if not for Stephanie.  She was a true rock star! After the first shower was over we cleaned up and I had to leave.  She assembled the backdrop and got the plates on the table so when I got home I could style it.  Well, I didn’t get home until 10pm so I did it the next morning,. She was amazing though! Mad props Stephanie!

Emma is delightful and classy.  When I think of her, I think of an old elegance from the early 1900’s.  After I saw the backdrop (and tutorial!) from Trade Wind Tiaras, I knew it would be perfect for Emma’s shower!. Stephanie worked her tail off to create the flowers.

For the serving dishes I decided to use these fabulous silver pieces that are my mom’s and were my grandmothers.  They are just stunning.  I also used mercury glass candle holders to bring out more sparkle on the table. We used lace on the table to create a softness and add to the early 1900’s feel.

For food we served chicken salad (recipe coming) in sandwich cups, Shirley Temple Cake, Brie en Croute, fresh strawberries, and Butterscotch Budino (quite possible my favorite dessert of ALL TIME). Seriously, it is THAT good.  Please, do yourself a favor and make some (or buy it! I don’t judge).

For drinks we served coffee, sparkling pink lemonade and lime water.  Stephanie designed all of the food tags and drink labels.  Thanks girl!


I was featured on Knock Off Decor! Yay!!!

One of my favorite sites (Knock Off Decor) featured my Easter Chalkboard Plaque that I posted about last week. If you don’t already follow Knock Off Decor I strongly recommend that you do. There are always new ideas that are featured from other blogs for creating a catalog look for less!

Bekah’s “She’s News to the World” Baby Shower

Back in September (2011-yeah, I’m getting caught up baby!), my friends and I hosted a baby shower for our friend Bekah.  After sitting down one night and brainstorming, we decided to do a newspaper themed shower.  Since papers are black and white (well, sort of) we decided the accent color would be hot pink (Bekah is a girlie girl and was a having a girl so it made sense!) Here is a shot of the table.  We served brunch. Pinterest was our friend with this shower!

For the backdrop my husband designed a mock newspaper.  We used a picture of the parents to be and added personal details about the family. We created hot pink newspaper boxes (like the ones outside of the store) to adorn the sides of the table.

We modgepoged newspapers onto some boards to use as table runners, but the weather was bad and we couldn’t sit outside so we repurposed them for a backdrop on the gift table (pictured above).

For food we served Alton Brown’s French Toast (seriously the BEST french toast you will ever have!), fruit in waffle cones, mini quiche squares (this recipe but baked smaller), bacon skewers (every brunch needs bacon!), blondies, and strawberry cake with cream cheese icing.

For drinks we served coffee, Boba Tea, water, and mimosa’s (virgin). To keep things personal, we also incorporated “P’ for Phoebe (the name of the baby) around the napkins, on the french toast cups, and on the front of the cake platter.

Welcome baby Phoebe! (Well, she was born in October, but still, welcome!)

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Stephanie’s Bridal Shower (A year late…better late then never…right???)

My friend Stephanie got married last March.  I hosted a bridal shower in February for her (yes, 2011 *hangs head in shame*). I’m finally getting around to posting the pictures.  Our mutual friend Andi helped me get the backdrop set up and various friends (Parr, Renae, Lani and Andi) helped by bringing desserts for the table.

We decided to go for the black and white theme (keeping it classy) with pops of green (it was one of her wedding colors).

I decided to hang their engagement pictures on the backdrop to break up the pattern and to add a personal touch .

For the desserts we served were awesome: hello dollies, Walker’s Popcorn, chocolate covered strawberries, donuts, fresh fruit, chocolate mousse and caramel apples.

For drinks we served cucumber water, coffee, and Trader Joe’s Sparkling limeade.