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The House- Bathrooms

Sorry I missed posting this last week, time got away from me.  We had a shower for a sweet friend Saturday, so I was busy working on getting that done.

When we moved into the house we knew we were going to have to redo the 3/4 bath, but the guest bath (though ugly), was in good condition and didn’t need much work.

Here is what we did in the guest bath:

Yup, blue walls, an ugly light fixture, ugly shower curtain and old sink fixtures.

To update the room (without doing a complete makeover- yes I know that new tile and a new vanity would make it great-but we wouldn’t get a return on our investment), we painted, we changed out the light fixture, and the sink fixture. I don’t love the shower curtain, but it’s not a big deal for me to change it out since we are hoping to sell the house.

Pretty pictures by Courtney Miller Photography.















Here are the pictures of the other bathroom.  When we moved in we knew it would need MAJOR help.  In getting the house ready we knew it had to be redone. Here is the before:

Oh yeah, it was as ugly as the pictures. Maybe worse. The shower head wasn’t here when we moved in so we had to replace it. We also replaced the mirrored cabinet, the sink, sink fixtures, took out the door, changed the hardware, painted, changed the light fixture, and retiled- we also added a backsplash behind the sink.  Here is the after:

I love how updated it looks now! The subway tile is H-O-T-T hot, and the glass helps break it up a bit. The picture on the wall was given to me as a high school graduation gift from my old audiologist. The white linens are Ralph Lauren. I scored them at Marshall’s. The shower curtain also came from Marshall’s.

Pretty Pictures by Courtney Miller Photography.

Well, that’s the tour of the bathrooms! Hope you liked it! Don’t worry, there is more. We still have the living room, our bedroom, the playroom and a bonus of the pantry and linen closets.

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Kid Room #2- Pottery Barn Kids Inspired Nursery Knock Off

Mason’s room.  When I started looking for bedding for Mason I looked for a room with a classic, clean feel.  I didn’t want anything super babyish because we needed his room to serve as a guest room also. Here it is:

Before and after:

 Yeah, those orange walls were nasty! (picture on the right by Courtney Miller Photography). I found my inspiration from a Pottery Barn Kids catalog.















Here is a picture of the in between (Asa’s nursery)

Here’s a fuller picture of the one above by Courtney Miller.

The bedding is from Pottery Barn and the crib bedding is from Pottery Barn Kids (it was a gift from my aunts). We used Asa’s crib and dresser for Mason.  They were given to us by Greg’s mom and stepdad. The name on the wall in frames was from Mason’s shower. The end table was a garage sale find and the lamp was from Goodwill.  We bought the bed on Craigslist (it was almost brand new and we got a great deal on it). The bookshelf is Ethan Allen and was my grandmothers. The white shelves on the wall were given to us by Greg’s mom and Greg spray painted them white.

In the pictures below, the onsies with Mason’s name were from his baby shower.  They were so cute I just had to hang them on the crib. The brown shelves were some Greg built years ago.  They have been spray painted many times. The decor items on the shelves were all from the baby shower as well. One of these days I will post pictures of that.  It was SO super cute!

The curtains are also from Pottery Barn Kids (not available anymore) and were a baby shower gift from family, but we took them down when the house went on the market so we wouldn’t have to let the buyer have them.

To paint the walls we painted first measured the length of the wall.  Since we have a power box on the wall we couldn’t do the middle panel wider, we made all three panels the same size.  We measured in a foot and a half on each side of the wall to compensate for the electrical box. We divided the remaining space by three, and taped it off to create three boxes.  I then painted them blue and when it was dry, we added the trim and painted it white. Anyway, it was a little bit of a labor of love, but I adore his room! It’s awesome. I hope you enjoyed it!

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Cochlear Update

A little bit of Mason cuteness for your viewing pleasure

I’m planning on posting another room this week, but we had friends come over last night so I didn’t get it done. Anyway, I just wanted to update you all on my Cochlear progress.  In March we did testing and my word recognition scores improved from 44% to 62%.

I was supposed to start my homework (listening to simple words and learning what they sound like) and I failed. Miserably. I *sort of* forgot I had homework until last week (what can I say? We were busy with the house).

Anyway, I started my homework last week on Thursday (sit down in quiet, take off my hearing aid and plug my good ear up. Then listen to simple words and see if I can recognize them). Well, I did the first two words and didn’t really understand them, but the third word, the third word was magic. A miracle really. After being deaf for over 15 years in my right ear, I heard AND UNDERSTOOD a word!

I may or may not have bawled like a baby.

In case you were wondering, the word was Rat. Yeah, kinda lame I know. I’m not a fan of them. But I heard it! It was so cool.

I was only able to finish 10 minutes of my 30 minute time because plugging my left ear was hard and it became really sore.

Anyway, I’m going to work some more on it this week and hopefully get more words!

Thanks for joining me on this journey!

The House: Kid Room #1

I know I said I wanted to go in order, but honestly order can go one of two ways.  I can show you the dining room, living room and playroom, or I can show you the kid’s rooms and guest bath.  I decided to go with the kids rooms first then work our way back.

So…Asa’s room.  Well, he originally started in what is currently the nursery/guest room, and when we had Mason we moved him to what was the guest room.  My inspiration (or blatant rip off) came from Thrifty Decor Chick (for some reason I can’t get a direct link to the actual page, so click on the “Our Home” link at the top, then the “Big Boy Room” and scroll down about three blog posts.).

I totally loved the way she framed out the walls to create a point of interest.  It was a really beautifully done room. So here it is (at least my version of it):


Yep, those walls are as nasty as they look. Pretty sure the previous owners were smokers.  See that bottom left picture?  You can see the stains on the walls from where there were posters. SO NASTY!


Here are some bigger pictures:

The bookshelves are laminate but redone with this Crate and Barrel Knock Off DIY from Dittle Dattle. My dad built the bed for my brothers and when he moved gave it to us. The bedding is from Pottery Barn Kids and was a gift from my mom to Asa. The train sheets are no longer available. I bought the frame at Tuesday Morning ages ago and painted it white to work with the room.

The dresser was mine from when I was a little girl. The table and chairs were a Craigslist find. The airplane was a gift from my mom. The bookshelves are decorated with different books and toys we have acquired over the years. The rug was from Goodwill.

(There are framed pictures on the wall now, we just had these pictures done before they were up).

All the pretty pictures were done by Courtney Miller of Courtney Miller Photography. Thanks girl for making our house look good!


The House: Office and Kitchen

Happy Monday!

It has been a long week. We have had a fair amount of showings for the house. Can I just say, it’s exhausting getting the house ready before every showing! Making sure everything is “just so” with two little boys in the house can be trying.  But I’m praising Jesus that people are coming through!

So I promised more before and after pictures.  Well, here they are! This is the office space before (when we bought the house-the one on the left) and during is on the right.  We used that table for games and small dinners for a few years (I personally have a love-love relationship with pub height tables!) It’s actually my dad’s.  He and his wife didn’t have the space for it so we held it for them while they renovated their house.  It is now in their storage since the stager recommended we take it out.

Here is the after: (photograph by Courtney Miller Photography).  When we had the home stager come through there were a lot of things we agreed on, but a few we disagreed on.  One was taking down the giant chalkboard.  She wanted us to and we didn’t want to.  The good news is almost everyone that has come through has commented on how much the like it.  So I guess we were right.  She also suggested setting up the office somewhere else but we felt it worked best in this nook.

If you are curious about how to make the chalkboard, go here.  The desk is from Ethan Allen and was my grandmothers. The filing cabinet was from Brenda, my dad’s wife.  The computer is on a sewing desk that we found on Craigslist about five years ago.

Now for the kitchen!  This is perhaps one of the biggest transformations in the house (after the living room). Before is on the left and after is on the right. (Pictures on the right by Courtney Miller Photography)

So when we bought the house it had a dishwasher and microwave.  The stove mysteriously disappeared at some point…See the light fixture in the opening?  That disappeared too.

Here’s a larger after photo (Courtney Miller Photography):

We bought the house because it had good bones.  We knew we could make it work for us. We also knew it was going to take A LOT of work.  First thing to go was that awful avocado poop green.  And no, your eyes do not deceive you, that is a darker shade of the same green sponged onto the wall over the lighter green.  Yes, it was THAT ugly.

We painted the cabinets (total pain) and we painted the walls.  We changed out all of the hardware. We had to get a fridge (an awesome deal that was totally God!) and a stove (a good deal but not great).  It turned out the dishwasher leaked so we ended up replacing it (we found it on Craigslist still under warranty for a little under 1/3 of the cost new).  The garbage disposal sucked and had to be replaced (also found new on Craigslist for a deal).  The microwave died after 8 months in the house so we replaced it (and then replaced it again when the one we bought died a year later…they just don’t make things like they used to!- scratch and dent at Lowes.  Love that place!)

Before we bought the house we figured the space lent itself to an island, so we made one out of 3 metal shelving units we already had on hand from before.  I found the butcher block top on Craigslist for $40.  That was totally a God thing too!  I found it the day I was looking for it and it was EXACTLY the size we needed! The island has been great. It adds storage (since we only have 4 drawers!) as well as more counter space.

Getting the house ready to sell, we installed new countertops and a backsplash.  We also installed a new sink (yet another Craigslist find) and a new faucet. When we bought the house the old sink had a leak Greg had to plug.

Well, I guess that’s it.  The best part of it all?  It was done debt free!  We paid cash for everything and God just provided it all.  Thank you Jesus! Now…for someone to buy it…

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Yay! I was featured on Cobycat Crafts!

As I was digging my way out of the mess that is my Google Reader this morning (from almost a month of neglect), I came across a pleasant surprise!  My Pottery Barn Kids Easter Plaque was featured on Copycat Crafts! Yay!  Thank you Copycat Crafts!