Kids are funny!

Oh man.  Ever since Asa has started talking it has been seriously entertaining, but I have to say, it has become even more so as his vocabulary has increased and he has begun to form sentences.  The funniest things (I think anyway) are when he randomly repeats something to me that I have been saying to him.  Two examples: A. It must have been a few weeks ago, but I had taken Asa to the potty and we were both waiting for him to get finished up.  My face was nearby when he suddenly put his little hands on my […]


Easter is coming.  I love Easter. The time with family.  The candy.  The oh-so-delicious-melt-in-your-mouth cookies that mom gets me every year.  The Easter basket.  The day off for Good Friday.  Easter is awesome. The best part of Easter though?  Jesus.  It’s all about Jesus.  It’s the love story.  It’s the romance.  The intrigue.  The victory. Christ, the God-man, came to earth.  He lived a perfect life.  A life without sin.  He never lied. He never gossiped. He never wanted something someone else had. He IS perfect. How could He not be? He’s God. He died a horrifying death.  He was lashed.  He was […]



Greg stole my blog idea for Murphy and God fighting, so I decided to write it anyway but in a different way. Last month we had over $1900 dollars of expected/unexpected expenses come up. We thought that we could budget some of it in (and did) but some of it was just unforeseen expenses. Yes, we do Dave Ramsey so we have our minor emergency fund in place, however, we hate digging into that money. It leaves you feeling vulnerable for those few weeks that you are trying to build that money back up again. In addition, the expenses were […]