Goodbye 2011, Hello 2012!

Asa and Mason Christmas 2011

Happy New Year! So I have a handful of unfinished posts that never quite made it onto the blog.  Since they are outdated, I figured what better time to start fresh then the new year? There is a lot to look forward to in the new year, but the top ten things we are hoping to do this year/looking forward to: 1.  Fixing up the house and redoing some of our living spaces.  I’m excited to document it here with DIY projects and doing things budget friendly. 2.  Celebrating my boys birthdays.  Since they are 2 days apart it will […]

I’m back!- Sort of

I have to say, the last few weeks at my house have been INSANE.  It has just been one thing after another, but through it all, God is still good. It all started with the crazy weather.  We had some of the coldest temperatures on record a few weeks ago.  It was in the -14 area I think.  For people up north I’m sure that is nothing, but for us in the south, that is huge!  Schools were cancelled, businesses closed, and APS couldn’t start their buses.  We ended up having a frozen water pipe (which thankfully did NOT burst), […]

Ode to Fondue – Our family fondue recipe.


Oh fondue, how I love you! We first met many years ago, a family tradition on Christmas Eve. My love for you has never wained, and I have learned much about your ways as time has passed. Discovering your many varieties has only made my heart grow fonder. The cheese, the broth, the chocolate.  You tease me so. The original family still remains a favorite. We love to share with friends and family, a perfect one pot meal. Oh fondue, how I love you! Recipe: 1 clove of garlic- halved 1 bottle of the cheapest beer you can stand to […]

Kids are funny!

Oh man.  Ever since Asa has started talking it has been seriously entertaining, but I have to say, it has become even more so as his vocabulary has increased and he has begun to form sentences.  The funniest things (I think anyway) are when he randomly repeats something to me that I have been saying to him.  Two examples: A. It must have been a few weeks ago, but I had taken Asa to the potty and we were both waiting for him to get finished up.  My face was nearby when he suddenly put his little hands on my […]

Not sure about it…

I don’t know what to write about today.  Things look like they are about to get busy at the Qualls’ house.  Greg and I both have grandfathers turning 90 in the next two months (whoo hoo grandpa’s!), we have 3-4 weddings to attend, parties/showers to attend, and the MHLP.  It’s just crazy, but God is good.  We are thankful for the different seasons of life. We are expecting another boy on or around June 2, 2011.  We are pretty excited (and maybe a little nervous) about a new addition to the house. I hope you guys have a great day!  Hopefully […]