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I am so excited.  Tonight, after 6 long years of waiting, Greg and I are going to see Wicked.  We had the chance when we were in NYC celebrating a late 1 year anniversary (it would have only cost $400), but we decided to save our money and do other things.  I am glad we waited, but a little regret lingers.  Fast forward almost 6 years.  We now have in our possession tickets for Wicked.  We got the Ovation series package this year so we get to see all of the shows (which I am really excited about).  Special thanks […]

Do you Use Craigslist?

I love Craigslist.  I have been using it *almost* since being back in Albuquerque.  I think it really started (kicked into high gear anyway) for me when we moved into our first rental house and continued after we moved into our own. We have had so much success on Craigslist it has been just great.  While I have some complaints (people spamming the site, etc.), the only MAJOR drawback was having to click on EVERY SINGLE LISTING I wanted to look at and then go back and find a new one to look at.  A long time ago I made […]

…and Party Everyday!

I realize that I need to include more pictures in my blog posts.  The problem, however, is that we have so many that is was slowing down our computers.  Greg ended up putting them on an external harddrive.  Since he has yet to show me how to take them off, I am left with words.  Oh well.  I should have a lot more to include in the coming weeks. As I said Monday, things are starting to get a lot busier around here.  I am taking a *gulp* small step in starting a party planning business.  I have a 3 […]

I’m a wanna be foodie- Wednesday Review

So a week or so ago I read a statistic that most New Year’s Resolutions don’t last longer then two weeks.  Seeing as how mine didn’t last longer then two days, I can see how that statistic would be fairly accurate.  This year, my resolution was to eat at only locally owed restaurants when we went out to eat (or at least owned by New Mexicans).  The problem is, it’s not really easy to distinguish if they are local or not.  There are some that are no brainers, and others that are a little harder.  So, I busted my resolution, […]

Someone reads my blog!

So yesterday I was pleasantly surprised to receive a comment on my blog from someone I had never met!  Brandy from Simply Creative Insanity liked the cupcake tree I had Greg make for Asa’s second birthday.  She liked it so much, that she posted a picture of it on her blog!  Go check her out.  She has some amazing stuff posted over there! BTW, there are more posts coming on the Robot Baby Shower. S Tweet

Asa’s Safari Adventure

Under the tent

Asa celebrated his second birthday at the beginning of June.  After his birthday last year I said I wasn’t going to do something big again.  I changed my mind (hey, it’s allowed!).  Nevertheless, I blackmailed recruited my awesome hubby to help and the pictures below are the result.  I’ll be posting all the details for where to find things or how they were made over the next week.  We had a blast regardless of the 104 record breaking heat.  Enjoy! We set up the tent in the back yard for additional shade.  So glad we did since it was 104! Here […]