Who to invite? – How many people should I plan for my party?

Making a guest list is always a dilema for me.  I am a naturally outgoing person and enjoy having people over.  I like to invite anyone and everyone to parties, but believe me, that can be an expensive habit.  So what do you do?  Well, if you have your reason and you have your budget, that should be helpful in making your guest list. Make a preliminary list.  Include any family and friends that you want at the party (also include those that you may not exactly want but may be *gulp obligated to invite i.e.crazy Uncle Ned who could eat […]

Counting the Cost – How to budget for a party?

After you’ve decided on a reason to throw a party, you have to decide on *dun, dun, dun- a budget.  The dreaded ‘B’ word.  While budgets are the ban of some peoples existence, they can be your greatest tool and asset and they are ESSENTIAL to having a great party.  Why are they ESSENTIAL?  Because the last thing you want to do is spend $500 on a birthday party when you can only afford $100 and you’re paying off your daughters 10th birthday party at her 11th.  That’s just dumb. Debt is not your friend.   Look, as much fun […]

So you want to throw a party… – Tips for planning any party.

I love throwing parties.  Big, little, in between.  They are a lot of fun.  I love getting to serve my family and friends and I love getting to try new ideas.  But to throw a party, you have to have a reason.  Birthdays and holidays are the usual suspects, but you can also just want to hang out with friends and have an impromptu backyard BBQ. Whatever the case, you should always have a reason. For instance, last year, my husband and I hosted or helped with parties of all different sizes.  One night in the middle of the summer we […]

2010- A New Year, A New Commitment


Wow.  2009 was amazing.  It was crazy but beautiful.  Asa celebrated his first birthday, Greg and I celebrated our 5 year anniversary, and we enjoyed every trial and joy along the way.  We bought our first house in December of ’08 (missing the tax credit by 20 days! Uggg!), renovated it throughout 2009, and opened it up to host community group, parties, and a roommate.  We saw some family highs and some family lows.  Overall, 2009 was a good year.  Thank you Jesus for letting us experience it, safe, happy and healthy. I realize I have not been faithful to […]

Secret Agent Man

MMM...carrot cake...

Sometimes you should listen to the random craziness in your mind. After I finished my post on Saturday I was waiting for a few friends to come over to play some games and starting to wonder where they were. If you met my friends, you would understand that they are a very punctual group of people (I guess that’s because many of them are not native Albuquerquians). For those of you who don’t know, my love language is quality time. I always feel most loved when people spend time with me. So when your normally punctual friends show up late […]