Another Party from LAST Year- Christmas in July Surprise Party

Gold Tree

Last summer a friend of ours was having a birthday and we decided to throw her a surprise party.  She had never had one before and had always wanted to have a Christmas in July party.  So here are some pictures of the party.  We kept the decor pretty simple by using- what else-Christmas decor! We put all of her birthday gifts under the tree. Here is the centerpiece for the food table. We made homemade eggnog and it was AWESOME.  Fresh-cold eggnog in the middle of the summer.  What could be better? My girl Lisa made these yummy cupcakes […]

Asa’s Safari Adventure- Invitations


Greg designed these invitations for Asa’s party.  We went for the kid passports and added information about Asa and party details.  We also requested the kids bring their passports so they could get stamps when they came to the party! Sorry for the crummy lighting, I was in a hurry! Pages to get animal stamps! Tweet

This is bad, this is really really bad…A Truly Patriotic Holiday – 4th of July Party from LAST Year


For the Fourth of July (2009), my friend asked me for help throwing her annual Fourth of July party.  As a party enthusiast, I was more then happy to oblige.  I researched for a few weeks, scouring the internet for ideas on food and decor and came up with these ideas.  She has triplets and they helped with all of the decorating of the cookies and creation of some food items.  It was great. One thing I find really helpful is when I find an idea or recipe that I love, I print it out and put it in an […]

Bridal Showers

Front Table

Bridal Showers…they can be expensive to host on your own…and a lot of work.  They can also be simple and understated.  No one has ever accused me of that though.  Recently I have been finding all kinds of party blogs that are so inspiring but are really humbling.  These ladies are incredible at what they do.  So this year I’m going to try and think outside the box a little more with my parties.  Since I still have all the parties from last year to post, I figure I may as well put them up (knowing that this year I am going to try and take it […]

Asa’s First Birthday – How to save money on a kid’s birthday party.

Veggie garden 2

Goes to show how on top of things I am.  Asa celebrated his first birthday on June 5, 2009.  Turning one is quite a milestone in my book and I knew I wanted to commemorate the occasion with a party fit for a one year old (and his friends since he wouldn’t remember any of it).  I started researching a few months prior and narrowing down my themes.  I wanted something cute and fun but not too old for him.  I finally settled on a bug theme birthday. Normally we would do the party at our house, but since our backyard […]

Invitations – Things to think about when doing invitations for a party.


So what kind of invites do you want to send out?  It really depends on the feel of the party.  I’m always a big fan of using e-vite (being green!), but I do have to say, there is something about receiving an invitation in person or in the mail that is always a joy. There is so much you can do with invites.  You can wrap them in boxes and deliver them, create them to resemble your theme, the possibilities are endless. The thing to remember is that your invitations are the way people will find out about the party, so […]