Chic Robot Baby Shower


My girl Lisa is having a baby and I was so excited when I found out!  She is due any day now and I offered to throw her a baby shower.  She accepted and told me that she wanted a ‘Vintage Robot Baby Shower’.  I loved the idea, but put a little spin on it.  I choose to use white as a bade color and yellow and gray as the accents.  I’m not sure how ‘vintagey’ (is that even a word?) it came out, but I was super happy with it!  For sure it was chic! Each place setting had […]

Asa’s Safari Adventure: Favors and Crafts


The kids all received a swag bag with their names printed on it, binoculars that they were able to decorate, a box of animal crackers, a safari hat, and a canteen (not pictured because I forgot to add it!)  Also, at the middle of the party, we went on a “Safari hunt” at the park across the street from our house where the dads had hidden about 200 Safari (Easter) eggs.  The kids hunted for them and collected them in their bags. Tweet

Asa’s Safari Adventure: Decor


Here is a panoramic view of the yard and how the party was set up.  We used a carport/tent to cover the food and craft area.  We also placed large painted cardboard animals (inspired by the merimeri cupcake liners and picks) around the yard gates, and set up tables with wheatgrass centerpieces that we grew ourselves! Tweet

Asa’s Safari Adventure-Food


I wanted to keep the food somewhat simple since I made so many desserts.  We had hot dogs, veggies, fruit and chex mix. We put hummus in one set of cups and ranch in the other set and served veggies with it.  They were embeleshed with Asa’s signature logo.  Greg made me the cone holders and we served chex mix in the snow cones I found at Target.  The fruit was served on kabobs that were placed in wheat grass.  There were other ones that doubled as centerpieces. For the hot dogs I made this Safari jeep to serve the […]

Asa’s Safari Adventure: Dessert Table


I’ve been so inspired by so many blogs, and the lovely Amy Atlas, that I have begun doing dessert tables for parties.  Here is what we did for Asa’s birthday. I wanted to create a different type of cupcake stand so I had my husband build me a tree.  What he came up with was ingenious.  I’m so proud of him! We served cake pops, chocolate covered vanilla cookies using animal mold shapes, monkey and elephant shaped sugar cookies, rice crispies dipped in chocolate and adorned with sprinkles, giant marshmallows covered in chocolate, blueberry popcorn, cupcakes and chocolate dipped pretzel […]

Asa’s Safari Adventure

Under the tent

Asa celebrated his second birthday at the beginning of June.  After his birthday last year I said I wasn’t going to do something big again.  I changed my mind (hey, it’s allowed!).  Nevertheless, I blackmailed recruited my awesome hubby to help and the pictures below are the result.  I’ll be posting all the details for where to find things or how they were made over the next week.  We had a blast regardless of the 104 record breaking heat.  Enjoy! We set up the tent in the back yard for additional shade.  So glad we did since it was 104! Here […]