Purple Confetti

MMMM...Carrot cake....

photo by: MShades Sometimes I think our minds can be our worst enemies. For the last four years I have been telling Greg that I want a surprise party for my birthday. So far it hasn’t happened. Part of that is my fault seeing as I continually badger him for the month prior with leading questions like, “When is my surprise party? Who are you inviting? Where will it be?” For some reason he doesn’t like this and I think it deters him from having one simply because it’s not fun putting together a none surprise surprise party (if that […]

My New Website

Greg set me up with a website for my birthday. It’s just in it’s infant stages but come back regularly to see it grow. I promised Greg that I would write at least on blog a week to start off with. Some come back often and leave me comments as to what you think about it. Tweet