First Day of Kindergarten Planetbox Lunch


My oldest started kindergarten yesterday and we sent him to school with a healthy, whole foods packed lunch- in his Planetbox. It was definitely a bittersweet day but we are so excited to see what God has in store for our little man! On to the lunch now.

1st Day of Kindergarten Planetbox lunch. Superhero themed.

I love Planetbox!

Let me say it again.




For real. It is so stinking amazing. When my oldest started preschool (at the ripe old age of 2) he needed a great lunchbox. I researched A LOT before buying anything. I wanted something that would be durable, dishwasher safe, good for the environment, and easy for a preschooler to open. I also wanted something that would have enough food space for a growing kiddo whose growth spurts are unpredictable.

The Planetbox fit the bill 100%. The ONLY downfall? It has a pretty hefty price tag for a lunchbox. BUT. And that’s a BIG but, it is 110% worth it. His box is going into it’s 4th year of use and is as good as new. Considering the fact that it has been used for 3 years and I expect it to last many more, I think that’s a great return on investment. We did replace his bag with a new one this year since it was a big milestone year (and his other bag was looking a little ratty) but I think that was totally okay.

Planetbox InteriorThey also have these amazingly fun magnet sets you can buy to dress up the top of the box. My son loves them so I do too!

So for his first day of school I packed him grapes, carrots, TJ’s Mediterranean hummus, TJ’s yogurt star, Cucumber and jicama stars, TJ’s olive oil potato chips and Ironman and Spiderman Sunflower seed butter and Heidi’s Organic Raspberry Jam. I added blueberries and lettuce to add a bit more color and make the sandwiches stand out a bit more.
1st Day of Kindergarten Planetbox lunch. Superhero themed.The sandwiches were stamped with superhero plunger cookie cutters, but since it was my first time using them I didn’t get as good of an imprint as I hoped to. The Ironman one came out better then Spiderman for sure.

Do you have a favorite lunch box? If so, what is it? What do you pack your kids for lunch?



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