A Little Bit of a Rant


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Sometimes I think I should have been born on the East coast. Up until recently (within the last 3 or so years), I didn’t know what made my heart sing in terms of home decor. Don’t get me wrong, I could look through catalogs and home decor magazines and see a lot of inspiring pictures, but I wasn’t able to pinpoint what it was that I loved.

Enter in Pottery Barn and Pinterest. Pottery Barn has great stylists. Their catalogs are carefully crafted to make you want to buy an entire room- even if you don’t have the room for it. But they have this feel in the rooms that I just love. A classy, comfortable, stylish room that I can see myself cuddling up with a good book in. It feels relaxing. It feels like home.

With Pinterest coming onto the scene last year, it opened up an entirely new way of organizing home decor ideas. With that, I have finally gotten a better understanding of what home details I love and what home decor I want to bring in. I still love other styles, but the one that makes my heart sing time and time again are farmhouse chic/beach cottage/french colonial/craftsman homes. Sounds like a weird mix to some I am sure, but I love the details of a Craftsman home. I love lots of windows for light, blue/grays/greens/whites, a comfortable beachy feel and woods brought in throughout the house to make it feel warm.

Now what does this have to do with a rant you ask? New Mexico has virtually no Craftsman style homes (and the ones it does have are a pretty penny to be sure). It’s like a dark cloud settled over The Land of Enchantment and kept away front porches, decks, crown moulding, thick baseboards, window casing and wood floors. It’s depressing really. What happened to giving homes character? It seems like there are cookie cutter houses or ranch style homes. (Don’t get me wrong, I’m not bagging on anyones house. The most important thing is that YOU love it.) There are lovely homes in the 505 for sure, but just not what make my heart sing.

So we go back to my opening statement. I should have been born on the East coast. My understanding is that the houses I love abound east of the Mississippi. But since Greg let me know we will not be moving east (that we know of), we will have to bring the east to us! I’m looking forward to finding a house that will work for our family again but also one that will make our hearts sing (with a modern office space for Greg!).

What type of house/home decor makes your heart sing?

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  • Meghan White

    Shannon – I totally agree on ALL of this! That’s why I am dreaming of doing some little renovations here and there to our new house in the 505 in order to bring it more character!! I was also determined to get a spanish tiled roof rather than a flat one, I feel like that helps a lot! I can’t wait to close and get started!!!

    PS – love your blog! 🙂


  • ShannonQualls

    How exciting to have a new house to make your own! I’ve been keeping up with the news on your blog. Yay!
    I agree, I favor pitched roofs over flat tops any day of the week.
    Thanks for the comment!