Crazy Whirlwind Month

May flew by.

I mean FLEW.

Asa finished preschool, we packed and prepared for our Disney Cruise, went on said cruise, came home (after the LONGEST day at the airport EV-ER),  had the boys 1st and 4th birthday party, and then sold our house.



So I know I have been promising the rest of the house picks, some more showers and some more recipes, but I kindly ask for your patience.  I’m still working out my summer routine and throwing in packing and moving to the mix is just a little nutso.

What I can say:

1. Alaska is beautiful and the cruise was fun. It was a little different then I expected, but it was fun to get to see family and Asa LOVED it (pictures, details, and tips will all be forthcoming).

2. The boys birthday party was a “smashing” success.  I can’t wait to share it with you! I’m just waiting for pictures).


3. Our house sold!



Our cruise began a little stressful because we got an offer right before we left. Having that in the air coupled with VERY expensive and spotty internet access was brutal to say the least. We ended up not working out a deal with the couple, but another person made an offer last Tuesday, we countered and he accepted! Now we are just praying for the inspection and appraisal to work out. Would you join us in prayer?

Hope you enjoyed the quick update on what has been happening with us.  Tomorrow I have another Cochlear appointment so I will hopefully have more news on that front as well!

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