Another Cochlear Update

Last week I had an appointment with my “right ear” audiologist (I have one for my hearing aid ear and one for my bionic cochlear ear).

It went well.  Not as great as I had hoped, but the news was positive for someone that has failed to do their homework. (I’m supposed to practice listening with just my right ear, but in order to do that I have to completely block the noise out of my left ear. To do that I have to put an earplug in it then hold my ear flap down over it.  It’s painful after about 10 minutes.)

So I forget. Sort of.

I suck.

Anywho….back to the test results.  So my right ear audiologist, she likes to test me a little more then other people (or so she says). I don’t know if it’s because she likes me more, or because I’m difficult.  I’m going with the first since it’s nicer. 😉

The first half of our session was spent catching up and having her check my sound levels.  After she made a few adjustments, she took me back to the booth (that’s where the magic happens). She then proceeded to run a battery of tests on my ear.  First we tested without my hearing aid.  She placed an earphone in that ear and added static to mask out sound that might come in.  We then went through lists of words, sentences and word cards.  Sounds exhausting- I know. It is.

The results that we got on those were pretty much where I was in March. Epic Fail (on my part- I really need to do my homework!)

The last test we did involved my hearing aid and the cochlear. She played a cd and I had to repeat the words that I heard back.

When I did this test before the implant, I scored something like 28% word understanding.  After getting activated and wearing the implant for a month, I think my score was around 44%. After my testing in March it jumped to like 62%.

Well my friends, after my last testing in June, I scored 84 whopping %! That’s right folks! I heard and repeated back CORRECTLY 84% of the WORDS (not sentence’s). Who needs homework now! (Just kidding, I know I do). But considering where we were a mere six months ago, I’m pretty stoked with the progress! My audiologist seemed pretty pleased too.  She said that it shows my ears are really starting to work together.

I still have a long road ahead and would cherish your prayers and accountability encouragement with my homework. Jesus has definitely been working a miracle!

In other news, my hair is growing out…It’s just a little weird…


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  • Dinesh

    Hi Shannon , I suffer from profound hearing loss , it was nice and encouraging to read your cochlear implant story. In june 2012 you had mentioned that your word recognition score jumped to 84% which is great. Did you check your word recognition score recently , do you think its has gotten better. can we look forward for one last cochlear implant story.

  • shannonqualls

    Hi! Sorry for the delay in the reply! I had testing done in January and I am about the same as I was last June. I am happy to post an update but it will be a little while. Thanks for stopping by!