*Whew* and We’re Back!

Hey guys!

Sorry I have been MIA for the last month.  It has been crazy!  I have wanted to blog so badly but I haven’t had the time.  Last month we decided to put our house one the market.  An awesome plan, except we had SO much work to do on the house before we could list it.  It has felt like every spare moment has been spent scouring Craigslist, making Home Depot and Lowes runs, and doing work on the house.  We have been eating simple meals, staying up too late and physically draining ourselves to get the house ready.

I’m happy to say we are about 90% done!  We are listed now but we still have to paint the ceilings in our room and the living room, finish painting some trim, change out some hardware and empty the garage.

In addition to all of the house work, we celebrated my 30th (keeping it pretty low key), celebrated our 8th anniversary (which we are celebrating in April because we spent the entire day painting on our actual anniversary), I coordinated a wedding, and I helped host a shower for a friend this weekend.  It has been an insane, exhausting month for sure.

You guys, I have barely had time to check Facebook or Pinterest, let alone write blog posts! The only thing we have made time for is hanging with the kiddos (we took Asa to see the Lorax and it was so cute!) and we stop at 10pm every night and watch our new obsession, The Big Bang Theory.  I know it’s been around for awhile, but we just recently got hooked.

Anyway, things to look forward to in the next few weeks: I have some old and new parties to post.  Yay! So exciting.  I will be posting some smaller dinner parties and some showers I haven’t gotten around to.  I will be posting house pics.  Our friend and awesome photographer Courtney Miller got some awesome shots for us.  I’ll show you before and afters! I have a new food tutorial for a yummy chicken salad and there might be one or two surprises as well!  I’m so excited to share it all with you but please be patient with me as we are still getting things ready and done on the house.

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