Stephanie’s Bridal Shower (A year late…better late then never…right???)

My friend Stephanie got married last March.  I hosted a bridal shower in February for her (yes, 2011 *hangs head in shame*). I’m finally getting around to posting the pictures.  Our mutual friend Andi helped me get the backdrop set up and various friends (Parr, Renae, Lani and Andi) helped by bringing desserts for the table.

We decided to go for the black and white theme (keeping it classy) with pops of green (it was one of her wedding colors).

I decided to hang their engagement pictures on the backdrop to break up the pattern and to add a personal touch .

For the desserts we served were awesome: hello dollies, Walker’s Popcorn, chocolate covered strawberries, donuts, fresh fruit, chocolate mousse and caramel apples.

For drinks we served cucumber water, coffee, and Trader Joe’s Sparkling limeade.

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