Emma’s Elegant Affair Bridal Shower

Back in December my friend Stephanie and I hosted a shower for our friend Emma (and some other awesome ladies helped by bringing food and drinks).  It was one of the craziest weekends E-V-E-R. I did an insane thing.  I committed to 2 showers (yes, back to back on the same weekend!) and decorating for advent at our church. Not to mention it was two weeks after my surgery.  IN-SANE. Insane in the brain…insane in the membrane! It would not have happened if not for Stephanie.  She was a true rock star! After the first shower was over we cleaned up and I had to leave.  She assembled the backdrop and got the plates on the table so when I got home I could style it.  Well, I didn’t get home until 10pm so I did it the next morning,. She was amazing though! Mad props Stephanie!

Emma is delightful and classy.  When I think of her, I think of an old elegance from the early 1900’s.  After I saw the backdrop (and tutorial!) from Trade Wind Tiaras, I knew it would be perfect for Emma’s shower!. Stephanie worked her tail off to create the flowers.

For the serving dishes I decided to use these fabulous silver pieces that are my mom’s and were my grandmothers.  They are just stunning.  I also used mercury glass candle holders to bring out more sparkle on the table. We used lace on the table to create a softness and add to the early 1900’s feel.

For food we served chicken salad (recipe coming) in sandwich cups, Shirley Temple Cake, Brie en Croute, fresh strawberries, and Butterscotch Budino (quite possible my favorite dessert of ALL TIME). Seriously, it is THAT good.  Please, do yourself a favor and make some (or buy it! I don’t judge).

For drinks we served coffee, sparkling pink lemonade and lime water.  Stephanie designed all of the food tags and drink labels.  Thanks girl!


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  • Geraldine Alires

    Hi Shannon,  I just love all your settings for your parties.  Everything always looks delicious which I am sure they are.  I just want to have a get together so you can cater.  Geraldine – Williams-Sonoma

  • shannonqualls

    Hi Geraldine!
    Thank you so much!  I love doing parties! We have been really fortunate and the food has always been good (my friends have mad cooking skills). I generally don’t make the food, just style the table and the food.  I source out.  Keep an eye out for some big news and I might just be able to hook you up!

  • Geraldine Alires

    Sounds good Shannon.  I’ll be watchng !