Bekah’s “She’s News to the World” Baby Shower

Back in September (2011-yeah, I’m getting caught up baby!), my friends and I hosted a baby shower for our friend Bekah.  After sitting down one night and brainstorming, we decided to do a newspaper themed shower.  Since papers are black and white (well, sort of) we decided the accent color would be hot pink (Bekah is a girlie girl and was a having a girl so it made sense!) Here is a shot of the table.  We served brunch. Pinterest was our friend with this shower!

For the backdrop my husband designed a mock newspaper.  We used a picture of the parents to be and added personal details about the family. We created hot pink newspaper boxes (like the ones outside of the store) to adorn the sides of the table.

We modgepoged newspapers onto some boards to use as table runners, but the weather was bad and we couldn’t sit outside so we repurposed them for a backdrop on the gift table (pictured above).

For food we served Alton Brown’s French Toast (seriously the BEST french toast you will ever have!), fruit in waffle cones, mini quiche squares (this recipe but baked smaller), bacon skewers (every brunch needs bacon!), blondies, and strawberry cake with cream cheese icing.

For drinks we served coffee, Boba Tea, water, and mimosa’s (virgin). To keep things personal, we also incorporated “P’ for Phoebe (the name of the baby) around the napkins, on the french toast cups, and on the front of the cake platter.

Welcome baby Phoebe! (Well, she was born in October, but still, welcome!)

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  • Brittany Schwaigert

    This is absolutely adorable! Love the backdrop SO MUCH!

  • Shannonqualls

    Thank you so much!

  • Such a fun theme!  I found you on Tip Junkie!  p.s. your link to Pinterest isn’t working.

  • ShannonQualls

    Thank you Jess! And thank you for telling me about the link. It should be fixed now.