My Cochlear Story: Part 2

Dr. Wayne Grudem

(…yup!  He’s wearing my microphone!)

Back in April I had the privilege of hearing Dr. Wayne Grudem speak on the Gifts of the Spirit.  While he was speaking, I was struck by a comment he made.  He said, “Many people will seek medical healing, but they won’t seek spiritual.”  As my husband and I were driving home, I realized that I had been doing the opposite.  The Spirit revealed to me that I had completely written off medical healing because of the two previous attempts.

The next day, my husband was giving Dr. Grudem my FM System (an assistive listening device) and Dr. Grudem asked if he could pray for me at the end of the day.  My husband asked me if that would be okay, and I said yes (I mean, who wouldn’t want Wayne Grudem to pray for them? 🙂 )  After the teaching, we went up and he asked if he could lay hands on me, and then he prayed.  Then we waited.  He asked if I felt anything.  At the time I didn’t, and he said, “hmmm…that’s strange, I felt power go out.”

What I realized as we were driving home, was that I felt the Holy Spirit nudging me to try for the Cochlear Implant again while he had been praying.  At the time, I was pregnant with our second son.  I told my husband that I felt like I was supposed to try again.  What I realized (and the Spirit revealed) was that after having our baby, I would have met my deductible and my out of pocket for the year.  If I qualified for the implant, it would cost nothing.

I called and made an appointment to be evaluated.

In July I went in and had the testing done.  I didn’t qualify by the conventional route.  My scores were too high.  My audiologist let me know about a possibility of the Dr. making an exception.  She said it was a, “maybe”. So we prayed, and we waited.  She told us it could be two weeks or the next day.

We got word the next afternoon.  The Dr. agreed to do the surgery!  Praise Jesus!  I may or may not have lost it…

I set up an appointment with the Dr. and met again with the audiologist.  She let me know that he might have me take a new CAT scan, but to take my films (from the previous try that I had been told by my last Dr. to keep) and get the meningitis vaccine.

I did both.  I went in September 15 and waited 3 hours to see the Dr. for a total of about 10 minutes. On one hand I had a slight fear he would change his mind.  On the other I believed this was the avenue God wanted me to seek healing and would pave the way as He already had.   The Dr. looked at my films, asked if I wanted surgery (I said I did!), and he answered a few questions I had.  We went to the reception desk and scheduled surgery pending insurance approval.

A few weeks later I called to see if we were approved and was told that my insurance didn’t require prior authorization for this surgery.  One further confirmation from the Lord that we were supposed to do this!

Tomorrow the conclusion!

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