Monogamy (Monopoly) Bridal Shower

This is perhaps one of the most unconventional bridal showers I have ever done. A darling friend of mine (Kristen) was getting married and I knew I wanted to throw her shower with another friend (hi Stephie!).  So we sat down and brainstormed a ton of ideas about what we wanted to do for her shower. Kristen loves books and reading.  In fact, she loves them so much, that her wedding centerpieces were books and seating cards were bookmarks (so cute!)  Our original plan for the shower was to do a total library theme with books and pages from books turned into awesome DIY items- but we didn’t want to take away from the wedding stuff-soooooo we decided to find out a little more…I started asking what her favorite books were, from childhood and into adulthood.  What her favorite game was growing up- Monopoly- apparently those native New Yorkers are very competitive about Monopoly :)- and we went from there. Without further ado: Monogamy (for better not for worse ;)).

We used our totally rad projector to put the design on the backdrop and my totally awesome hubby painted it (though he did community chest and the ring freehand- man’s got mad skills!). Below are some photo collages of the food, drinks and decorations.  Stephanie Camp is a rock star and pretty much completely created this party (it was our brain child but she put it together because I was recovering from this).  She did the photoshop stuff and came up with the fun food ideas and using, “Water Works” for the drinks.  So stinking cute- I know! She also organized the ladies and made the food possible for Miss Kristen (or should I say Mrs. since she’s married now? Hmmm.)  We had water, grapefruit mimosas, tea and coffee to drink.

We used my trusty Silhouette SD to cut out everything for the board game.  Steph and some other friends helped adhere it all onto poster board. It was B-O-M-B. For the table, we created a piece of a Monopoly board but changed the names to Kristen’s favorite books.  So we had The Velveteen Rabbit from her childhood, Harry Potter from her adulthood, and other books that were memorable to her.

As for the game pieces, we kept with the book theme by using glasses, a library card, Harry Potter books bundled, a Kindle (for the new generation of readers), and a coffee mug (who doesn’t love drinking coffee when reading?!)

For the food we served bagels, french toast, bacon (it is a major food group you know), cookies with Scott and Kristen’s name and wedding date, as well as some other yummy and delicious foods.

Vendor Credits: Cookies- P.S. I love you cakes

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  • KristenD

    The pictures do NOT do it justice! This was the most beautiful party, and everyone was was involved blew me away with their thoughtfulness, creativity, and talent.

    We still have some of the decorations u in our living room. 🙂

  • ShannonQualls

    Thanks Kristen! It was our joy to do it!