I L-O-V-E Panini’s!

So I’m pretty sure I have committed the cardinal sin of food blogging.  I forgot to get an amazing after picture!  I apologize up front for being so lame.  I had a lunch meeting with some wedding coordinators from church and we had panini’s.  Since I was hungry and we were only half hazardly documenting the process with pictures, I will have to rely on your imaginations and the pictures I did get.

I happened to come across these panini’s a few years ago.  My mom brought me a sandwich from her friends house that had meat (turkey or roast beef, I can’t remember!) green apples, a little mustard and goat cheese.  To say it was bliss is an understatement.  I had never thought to put goat cheese on a sandwich before that moment and let me tell you, lesson learned!  It is amazing people, A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.  The creamy goodness mixed with the crunch of tart apples and a little spice from dijon mustard.  So. Stinking. Good.

With a review like that you would think it couldn’t get any better right? Wrong! Greg and I decided to throw our own had into the mix and added caramelized onions.  Really awesome. Without further ado- our un-named but awesomely delicious lunch.

The suspects:

First things first, heat some olive oil (or butter if you are feeling bad…) in a skillet until it’s hot (or melted).  Slice your onion into long strings and place in the skillet.  Cook until they are translucent and slightly browned.  (I’m sure there are better ways, but this is how we do it!)

Next, slice your apples into thin pieces.  It makes it easier to lay on your sandwich and more enjoyable to bite into.

Unfortunately, I am a nerd and forgot to get the second most important picture in food blogging.  The bread. So just imagine freshly baked artisan bread in Sour Dough, Rosemary or Garlic.  So delicious! Slice your bread in the thickness you want it.  I prefer mine at about the same thickness as regular sandwich bread.  I like the bread to ingredients ratio to be about the same.

After cooking the onions, slicing the apples and slicing the bread it’s time to assemble!  In the picture below the goat cheese underneath the apples.  Dijon mustard coats the right piece of bread with caramelized onions on that.  Then add your meat (not pictured because, I am again lame) and make the two become one.

Now you can either put it on your panini maker, or if you don’t have one, use a skillet!.  You want to leave it on long enough to warm the goat cheese and toast the bread. We generally don’t butter or oil the bread, but if you don’t mind the extra calories, it is awesomely delicious to do.  Just remember to do it before adding any ingredients.

That’s it!  This is the part I would have an awesome after picture for you, but alas, we are all out of luck today.  Oh well!  I hope you enjoy!

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  • Mame

    Why hello there! So I made these on Tuesday, I just substituted goat cheese for some Havarti that I had on hand. DE-LI-CIOUS. I have been thinking about them ever sense you posted this, but I didn’t have a Panini maker. Then, randomly, my mom found one on mega sale and decided to gift one to me. SCOOOORE! I made another one today using ham and provolone with mayo mixed with some sun dried tomato pesto (only bc I left my mustard at my friend’s house). So, truly, thank you for the apple idea, as well as the sauteed onion idea.

  • ShannonQualls

    I’m so glad you enjoyed it! Just so you know, you don’t have to have a panini press. You can use a skillet and flip the sandwich over (like a grilled cheese). Hope you are well!