How Do I Make A Monthly Menu? On My HUGE Wall Calendar!

Back in September I came up with an idea for keeping our monthly calendar/menu in an easily accessible place that I didn’t have to hunt down in order to view.  I figured we could paint a ginormous square on our wall with chalkboard paint and create a monthly calendar.  It worked great for the first month, but since we were using chalkboard pens, it didn’t erase at the end of the month 🙁

So onto plan B.  We mounted plywood on the wall and adhered black contact paper to it (After wiping it down really well so there wouldn’t be any bumps).  Then we measured out squares for the month and started to fill it in.

Then Greg finally had the chance to frame it in this last weekend.

There are eight columns- seven days of the week and an extra column for notes.

We use a color coded system for meals and make notes about events on it.  This month we added our daily Bible reading so we wouldn’t have to look it up or find another place to put printouts.

Blue is breakfast.  Pink is snacks.  Yellow is lunch, green is dinner, and white is scheduled events.

A friend of mine told me about how she plans her meals monthly, and one of the things she does that I love is have a certain type of meal on a certain night of the week.  For instance, she has a different Italian dish every Monday, Taco Tuesdays, etc.  I decided that would be awesome, so we do:

Sunday- Crock Pot Meals (enough said)

Monday- International (Chinese, Italian, Mexican, etc.)

Tuesday- Test Kitchen (New Recipes I usually find on Pinterest)

Wednesday- Cult Classics (favorite meals from growing up or family favorites)

Thursday- Community Group (we are currently going through the alphabet)

Friday- Fridge Raid i.e. Leftovers

Saturday- Build Your Own (baked potatoes, pizza, etc.)

I love having everything right there and visually being able to see our plans for the month.  It makes planning, and life, a heck of a lot easier.  The biggest issue is making sure to change it every month!

Oh! I also love it because Greg only gets paid once a month and this helps us plan and budget accordingly.

Lately I have been creating our menu based off of recipes I have pinned on Pinterest.  It makes finding recipes super easy!  A digital cookbook really.  I luuurrvveee it.  Now, to get an iPad to use in the kitchen….


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  • FTori

    Looks great! Glad it finally came together! Maybe someday I’ll be that organized…

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    Interesting name I have there… I knew another letter got added but the share button was blocking it on my phone when I tried to check.

  • Tori

    So confused. Now my first comment is gone… Once upon a time I was tech savvy

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