Okay, seriously, the league who shall not be named (read-major football empire) has some crazy rules that are just a little ridiculous.  I’m sorry to say, but if some of their rules are upheld in a court of law, it is a serious miscarriage of justice.

My hubby just started to re-amp one of his blogs, TheBeerean, and on his post this morning was a link to the aforementioned league and their asinine rules of conduct regarding an overly advertised franchise that is more concerned with making money then anything else.  Granted, I love a great party and any excuse to have one, but after reading these rules, it makes me reconsider because of the sheer arrogance.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I understand, and agree with, trademark and copyright laws.  Where I have a serious issue is with the part of the article that addresses “Viewing Parties”.  Who the heck gave the league the right to tell people who are holding a party in their homes, that just happen to have the TV on and *might* be watching a football game (or the commercials- because we all know that’s the real reason to watch), hanging out and eating food, how big my television can be?!  Come on!  Really?!  Seriously, who comes up with this stuff?  It’s totally wrong to charge admission if you haven’t paid licensing fees.  But is it wrong if no one has paid anything and are just enjoying hanging out with friends and watching tv on a big screen?  According to someone it is.

Just food for thought.


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