The BEST baby shower gift for 1st time mommies

A little over 2 1/2 years ago Greg and I welcomed Asa into the world.  He has been a joy and a wonderful addition to our family.  A few months before he was born a friend threw a baby shower for me and we were fortunate to have many friends and family shower us with gifts.  Everything from diapers and wipes to clothes to highchairs and a car seat/stroller combo were included in the gifts that were graciously provided for us.

If I remember right, every one of those gifts was used and cherished in its time.  There is one gift though, that has sustained the test of time as quite possibly the BEST gift we received.

Before I tell you what it is, I have to list a few qualifiers.  There were things we KNEW we needed.  A car seat (after all, they won’t let you leave hospital without one!), highchairs (not at first but stoked to have one 5 months in!), clothes, diapers, wipes, a diaper bag (or five), and many other things that make life easier with a baby.  There were things we THOUGHT we needed (and glad we got!), books (to read as he grew), toys for him to grow into, and nursery bedding.  Then there were things we had NO CLUE about.  Now, if you grew up with babies or take care of them all the time, or even just have a lot of nieces and nephews, you are probably already privileged to this knowledge.  As someone that does not fall into this category however, I have to say, the gift we got was not only NEEDED, but also a life saver in a way we didn’t know it would be.

I know what you are thinking.  “Get to it Shannon! Just tell us already!”  Well hold your horses and learn a fruit of the Spirit- patience! I’m getting there.

After Asa was born, I had some complications with nursing him and couldn’t continue.  We switched him to formula.  Asa has pretty much always been a good eater, and he was especially demanding when he was younger.  If he was hungry, you would know it.  He could go from 0-60 in less then a second wanting food, and wanting it now!  We would give him his bottle and he would down it in no time.  It was crazy.  If you tried to take away his bottle halfway through to burp him, he would lose it.  So we would let him chug it and hope for the best.  Enter the gift: (*hear the chorus sing in your head “Hallelujah!”) Mylicon.  The gas relief for babies.  This stuff is awesome people! I never would have known I needed it unless someone had given it to us and explained it at our baby shower.  That stuff is a little bit of heaven on earth.  Talk about a lifesaver at 3 in the morning feeding your baby.

In addition to this awesome part of the gift (it was from my crazy great boss and friend who spoils me a little much), we also got baby Tylenol, baby ibuprofen, baby oragel, Desitin, and a whole onslaught of other things in a duffel bag/diaper bag.

I had NO IDEA how much we would come to appreciate these little things before we had Asa.  But after he started teething and running a fever in the middle of the night, we were SO thankful to have it on hand.  It was, quite possibly, one of the best baby shower gifts I ever received.  Mainly because I had no idea I would need it.

Taking a cue from my boss, I have made baby medicine (usually coupled with a set of baby bath wash) a staple for a new mommy baby shower gift.  It was that much of a blessing to me.  I love baby clothes as much as the next person, but people usually can’t resist getting to cute stuff.  My gift may seem boring next to the other flashier items, but believe me, when you are exhausted at three in the morning with a sick baby, it is something that (I believe) you will appreciate more then that cute Teddy bear from aunt Georgia.

What is your favorite baby shower gift?  What there something you wished you had known you would need?

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