Kids are funny!

Oh man.  Ever since Asa has started talking it has been seriously entertaining, but I have to say, it has become even more so as his vocabulary has increased and he has begun to form sentences.  The funniest things (I think anyway) are when he randomly repeats something to me that I have been saying to him.  Two examples:

A. It must have been a few weeks ago, but I had taken Asa to the potty and we were both waiting for him to get finished up.  My face was nearby when he suddenly put his little hands on my cheeks, and firmly pressing against them said, “Look at me.  Look at me”.  I’m thinking to myself, “Ummmm…okay?”  Then he said the best part, “Say you’re sorry.”  I almost died!  It was hilarious because we have been teaching him after he gets in trouble and needs to apologize to someone that he needs to look them in the eye and say he is sorry.  It’s happened a few times since and it still cracks me up.  His facial expressions make it.  Wish I had a video clip to show you.

B. We have been trying to teach Asa that he is a sinner in need of a Savior (Jesus).  I’ve been having him repeat, “I’m a sinner” back to me.  The funny thing (much like Christmas) is that he thought, “I’m a sinner” was the name of a person.  We got done with breakfast and he started pointing to the front door saying, “I want to see I’m a sinner!” LOL.  It was too funny.

Do you have any funny things you have heard kids say?  If so, what is it?

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  • lani

    so funny!! preston is in that stage too! it’s so funny what 2 year olds say! 🙂

  • ShannonQualls

    I know right?!