Asa’s Safari Adventure-Food

I wanted to keep the food somewhat simple since I made so many desserts.  We had hot dogs, veggies, fruit and chex mix.

We put hummus in one set of cups and ranch in the other set and served veggies with it.  They were embeleshed with Asa’s signature logo.  Greg made me the cone holders and we served chex mix in the snow cones I found at Target.  The fruit was served on kabobs that were placed in wheat grass.  There were other ones that doubled as centerpieces.

For the hot dogs I made this Safari jeep to serve the buns in.  The paper holders were embellished with Asa’s logo sticker.  Drinks were Lemonade, Strawberry Lemonade, and Water.  We also made a pot of chili to top off the hot dogs.  It was delicious!

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