This is bad, this is really really bad…A Truly Patriotic Holiday – 4th of July Party from LAST Year

For the Fourth of July (2009), my friend asked me for help throwing her annual Fourth of July party.  As a party enthusiast, I was more then happy to oblige.  I researched for a few weeks, scouring the internet for ideas on food and decor and came up with these ideas.  She has triplets and they helped with all of the decorating of the cookies and creation of some food items.  It was great.

One thing I find really helpful is when I find an idea or recipe that I love, I print it out and put it in an idea book. I bought a 3 ring binder and plastic sleeves from Target to put all of my print outs in. That way, everything is in one place and if I am using a recipe and it gets dirty, I can just wipe it right off.

When I think about the Forth of July, I think about- what else- Red, White and Blue. I also considered fireworks, stars and stripes. I took my idea book to my friend and she picked the ideas that she liked best. Below are pictures and descriptions of what we did.

My friend found these stars at party city and they were perfect in keeping with our theme and holding the dips.

I am a sucker for carved watermelons.  I found this idea at BGH and loved it so much I knew I just had to do it (well, have my husband do it).  He took it a bit further and carved the stars out a bit more then on the website.

Another thing we decided to do was make cookie bouquets for the centerpieces.  I got the inspiration from Taste of Home Magazine’s website.  We bought the cans from Michael’s on sale and the paper confetti for filler there as well. The kids helped decorate the cookies.  (You might want to make more then you plan on using because we had some problems with the cookies breaking off the sticks).

Delicious pies in red, white blue dishes.  RWAB chips (before TJ’s started selling them that way) and of course, the watermelon!

We really wanted to be able to hang these outside, but were not sure if it would rain or not.  Lucky for us, it did rain and the paper lanterns stayed in beautiful shape!

You can never go wrong with fresh fruit and fresh flowers!  On either side are the chocolate covered pretzel sticks.

Another shot of those pretzel sticks.  We wanted them to look sort of like sparklers.  I think we achieved the look (even if not, they were gone before the night was over!)

We made ice stars to add another detail!

It looks even better in a drink!

Stars and stripes brownies.

We served catered BBQ so this is about all of the desserts.  We had a blast!

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