Asa’s Safari Adventure

Asa celebrated his second birthday at the beginning of June.  After his birthday last year I said I wasn’t going to do something big again.  I changed my mind (hey, it’s allowed!).  Nevertheless, I blackmailed recruited my awesome hubby to help and the pictures below are the result.  I’ll be posting all the details for where to find things or how they were made over the next week.  We had a blast regardless of the 104 record breaking heat.  Enjoy!

We set up the tent in the back yard for additional shade.  So glad we did since it was 104!

Here is a view looking down the tent.  We used the table in back for food and two tables under the tent for the kids to decorate their binoculars.  A good friend of mine was gracious enough to come over and help me make things to prepare for the party. She’s the one who made *almost* all of the pom poms on the side of the tent.

A view from outside the tent.

These are the tables and centerpieces.  Close-ups later of all the food!

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