Asa’s Safari Adventure: Dessert Table

I’ve been so inspired by so many blogs, and the lovely Amy Atlas, that I have begun doing dessert tables for parties.  Here is what we did for Asa’s birthday.

I wanted to create a different type of cupcake stand so I had my husband build me a tree.  What he came up with was ingenious.  I’m so proud of him!

We served cake pops, chocolate covered vanilla cookies using animal mold shapes, monkey and elephant shaped sugar cookies, rice crispies dipped in chocolate and adorned with sprinkles, giant marshmallows covered in chocolate, blueberry popcorn, cupcakes and chocolate dipped pretzel sticks.  We blew up the logo my husband made for the invites, and painted the backdrop.

My mom got me some awesome meri meri cupcake toppers and paper wrappers to use for the cupcakes.  They were perfect!

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  • Brandy

    Wow…I love that tree! I am going to feature it on my blog!

  • Nancy

    can you sell this stand? we would love to use itfor my children’s parties.

  • ShannonQualls

    Unfortunately the stand is not for sale. When is the party? I might be able to make another one or take better pictures for you to see how to make one yourself. Let me know if you are interested. Thanks!

  • Jennifer

    OMG I love that stand!!! I’m doing a baby shower and would love to know how it was made. If you could, can you email me at and let me know. Thanks.

  • Amy

    How did you do the backdrop! I’m struggling with mine!

  • ShannonQualls

    We used painters tape to tape the lines and painted it with tempera paint. My husband printed out the logo so I’m not sure how he did that.

  • purvi

    can you pls tell me how you made the tree…I luved it.

  • Jessamine

    I love the stand. Would you sell one? Or can you please share the measurements?