Who to invite? – How many people should I plan for my party?

Making a guest list is always a dilema for me.  I am a naturally outgoing person and enjoy having people over.  I like to invite anyone and everyone to parties, but believe me, that can be an expensive habit.  So what do you do?  Well, if you have your reason and you have your budget, that should be helpful in making your guest list.

Make a preliminary list.  Include any family and friends that you want at the party (also include those that you may not exactly want but may be *gulp obligated to invite i.e.crazy Uncle Ned who could eat you out of house and home)  How many people are on the list?  Is that a reasonable amount for the budget you have set up or do you need to re-evaluate?   If you think you can reasonably handle guests, then you are ready to send out invites.  If there are too many, you have to make adjustments.  Decide what is most important to you (and the person the party is being thrown for) and make your cuts based on that.

After you’ve made your list, you can send out your invites!

There are probably about 4 different ways we have for categorizing parties we throw and who we invite.

1. The intimate gathering.  This is like a sit down dinner with family and/or close friends.
2. The semi-intimate get-together.  This is inviting friends and close friends/family over to hang out, eat and play games.
3. The get-to-know people party.  This is where we invite aquaintances, friends, and close friends/family to hang out.
4. The epic party.  This is when we invite anyone and everyone.  If we know your name, you are probably invited (unless you weird us out, then don’t hold your breath).

It is really all about personal preference.  Some people just do not like to have a type 3 or 4 party (plus they can get pricey!).  Let your budget and your reason guide you.  You’ll get there!

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