Pregnancy Blues

Top Ten List:

Things that SUCK when you’re pregnant

10. You’re maternity pants continually shimmy down your hips. Frustrating as heck when you have to get up and down continually throughout the day.

9. 1st trimester sickness and 3rd trimester tiredness/difficulty sleeping

8. Bigger everything- Did you know that your feet can grow up to a size bigger and NEVER go back?! For those of us with wide feet already, this is distressing news.

7. Getting in trouble with your midwife for putting on a little too much weight for one month (Oops!)

6. Waking up in the middle of the night wedged between two pillows that act as a barrier to keep you from rolling onto your back and realizing that you need to go to the bathroom.

5. Pregnancy gas- it’s just bad

4. Not being able to exercise to lose weight

3. The emotional roller coaster that can make any sane husband crazy because you can’t decide how you are feeling that day

2. Body pain (backaches, footaches, etc.)

1. Getting the crap kicked out of you by your little bundle of joy

I know some of you can relate. I’ve got the pregnancy blues…

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  • Dameca

    Awe….hug….I can not relate but you do look beautiful!!!! And I know once you hold your little boy in your arms for the first time, you’ll forget all about the gas…well maybe not haha. Oh by the way thanks for the warning about the swobing!!!! I will for sure adopt now!!! lol just kidding!!!

  • jason

    lol!!! i can so relate (well, as far as a husband goes).

  • Yeah, I don’t know how much a husband can relate, but at least you put up with it twice! LOL

  • Rachel

    Hmmm, maybe I’m glad I haven’t gotten pregnant yet 🙂

  • admin

    Happy it helped!